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  • Dina Paulson

    Dina Paulson

    Film and TV. storytelling. dinosaurs.

  • Lindsay Rae Brown

    Lindsay Rae Brown

    Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.

  • Jade M.

    Jade M.

    Jade is a Louisiana based author who loves video games and usually writes about experiences she has. https://linktr.ee/jmcculloch120

  • Laquesha Bailey

    Laquesha Bailey

    4th-year undergrad | 3x Top Writer in Feminism and Social Media | I write about race, self and whatever else piques my interest | laqueshabailey15@gmail.com

  • Lindsay Redifer

    Lindsay Redifer

    Nonfiction enthusiast looking for like-minded people

  • Bri Stokes

    Bri Stokes

    Writer. Poet. Your friendly neighborhood navel-gazer.

  • Julia Mahaka

    Julia Mahaka

    Escritora from the streets of NELA.

  • Ashley Broadwater

    Ashley Broadwater

    Freelance writer on multiple platforms. On Medium: writing tips + relationships. UNC-CH Journalism + Media. Newsletter + more: www.linktr.ee/ashleybroadwater

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