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HBO’s Hacks Spoilers Ahead

Numerous times throughout my life someone (okay, a straight white man) has told me I can’t take a joke. What I usually thought to myself, and sometimes had the foresight to say, was “can I not take a joke or are you just not funny?”

A lot of these same people are the type to complain about cancel culture, or that people are “too PC”, or “you can’t even make a joke anymore”. The same men would tell me girls aren’t funny and then assure me that they’re just joking, of course.

The more time I’ve…

By focusing on character

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It feels like we’ve all been collectively mourning HBO’s Mare of Easttown since the final episode aired. A show so beloved it took down HBO Max the night of the finale release, made us love the Delco accent, and set Twitter and Reddit ablaze. This week, the pilot script for the show has been circulating, starting screenwriting debates and schooling writers.

The show centers on Mare Sheehan played by Kate Winslet, a detective in a small Pennsylvania town where everyone knows everyone. In her personal life, Mare struggles with the grief of losing her child to suicide while also reconciling…

And the trap of second-wave feminism.

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Since the first time I watched Girls, I graduated with a degree in film, where I focused on critical race analysis and screenwriting. I read books like Watching Race: Television and the Struggle for Blackness by Herman Gray, an incredible look at Blackness represented on television. I wrote papers on colonialism in Satyajit Ray’s films, the evolution of Black characters on the Disney channel, and learned about the influence of Birth of a Nation. I was asked to reflect on my own relationship to characters on TV and how they represented me as a South Asian American woman. …

Ted Lasso spoilers ahead

When I finished Schitt’s Creek a few weeks ago, I was a mess. I experienced grief, the sadness welling up inside me felt like my heart had been broken. Yes, there are other shows. But I don’t want other shows, I want that show. I didn’t think I could find a show with the same wholesome empathy and biting humor. What a combo.

And then I found Ted Lasso. Streaming on Apple TV+, a new addition to my collection of streaming services, Ted Lasso, played by the hilarious Jason Sudeikis, follows the story of an American…

Week 3.

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This week I spent a lot more time reading and writing than I did watching. But, I still spent some time viewing. Here’s what I watched.

1. Questlove on Twitch

Week two.

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While everyone else is watching Tiger King on Netflix I decided to veg out with some throwbacks and a brand new drama.

Filling time during isolation has been very easy so far. Unending scrolling through social media helps and then distracting myself with a healthy dose of TV takes care of the rest.

Here’s what I’ve been watching this week.

1. 10 Things I Hate About You on Disney+

When I feel uninspired I look to my heroes.

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I keep a notebook filled with notes scrawled from books I’m reading. I scribble down my favorite quotes when I hear or when I find them in an essay. Here are the ones I always go back to.

These quotes keep me writing.

1. “Talent is insignificant. I know a lot of talented ruins. Beyond talent lie all the usual words: discipline, love, luck, but most of all, endurance.”

— James Baldwin

I keep this quote on my bedside table so I see it before I go to sleep. Talent is nothing without hard work behind it. …

You will get through this.

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If you feel like it’s impossible to write during this current upheaval, I get it. The future is uncertain and everything feels unknown and futile.

But now is when the world needs your voice the most.

As the world feels like it’s falling apart right in front of us, it’s nearly impossible to stop scrolling endlessly through social media, past news headlines, and actually look inward. This cultural trauma is not easy to deal with as much as we might make jokes or look for levity.

When my partner noticed the toll the news cycle has been taking on my…

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Week one.

The news is unbelievably terrible right now. While it’s important to stay up to date on incoming information, we also need to protect ourselves from the endless news cycle.

So here’s what I’m watching to soothe myself when I’ve had enough.

And so is the story of Diane.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Via Netflix

There are days that I’m a BoJack and there are days that I’m a Diane. But I’d prefer the latter. I started watching BoJack Horseman when it originally came out. I was a completely different person. I went through a lot, but there was always Bojack, Todd, Diane, Princess Carolyn, and Mr. Peanut Butter. Certain shows have that sort of power. No matter the state of mind I’m in they calm me down, they bring me home.

Watching BoJack was fun and it was also often a reflective, introspective endeavor. Despite the heavy storylines in the final season…

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